Terms & Conditions for Entry

  1. All songs and video entries are to be independently released between October 15th 2014 and October 15th 2017.
  2. All songs and videos are required to be original works.
  3. Artists are required to own all rights of their submitted Music and/or Videos (and/or provide proof of clearance).
  4. Songs and Videos may be no longer than 10 minutes in duration.
  5. All content is intended to promote a positive message. Any content that is deemed to be sexually suggestive, obscene, offensive or derogatory in any way, or contains copyrighted or trademarked materials and/or logos not owned by the Contestant will be disqualified. RoundGlass Music reserves the rights, at their sole discretion, to withhold and not post certain entries that might be deemed disqualified.
  6. RoundGlass Music reserves the rights to change category names, definitions & even merge categories as it may deem fit.
  7. Judge’s decisions and award results are final and binding.
  8. All contestants agree to allow RoundGlass Music to use their name and/or likeness respective to any and all materials required to promote RoundGlass Music and/or related awards associated with it.
  9. All travel costs and expenses associated with the contest and/or prize-winnings are “Not Included” and will be the responsibility of the CONTESTANT, unless otherwise stated or specified.
  10. All parties who submit, under any circumstance and/or scenario, agree to comply with the “Official rules and regulations” of the RoundGlass Music Awards.